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Market to Market March 12, 2004 (#2927)

In the News

  • FTAA Talks Stall
    (Mar 12, 2004) The Bush administration's goal of creating a hemisphere-wide free trade area by 2005 was set back this week as deadlocked officials were forced to postpone a formal negotiating session for a month.
  • Study: Mexican GMO Spread A Concern
    (Mar 12, 2004) If left unchecked, modified genes spread by imported U.S biotech corn threaten to displace or contaminate native ancestor varieties in Mexico, the birthplace of corn, a NAFTA watchdog group says.
  • CBOT OKs Increase in Spec Limits
    (Mar 12, 2004) The board of directors at the Chicago Board of Trade voted unanimously this week to increase the speculative trading position limits for corn, wheat, soybeans, soy meal and soy oil.
  • U.S. Water Use Stable
    (Mar 12, 2004) America's water use has been stable since the mid 1980s despite population growth, a sign that conservation works, researchers from the U.S Geological Survey say.