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Market to Market April 9, 2004 (#2931)

In the News

  • High Gas Prices Lead More Motorists To Ethanol
    (Apr 9, 2004) More motorists may be warming to ethanol-blended fuel  not from a concern for the environment, but because of worries over their wallets.
  • USDA Predicts 15,000 CSP Contracts
    (Apr 9, 2004) USDA sources say the agency likely will sign 15,000 Conservation Security Program, or CSP, contracts during the first two years of the program.
  • Prospects For COOL in '04 Very Low
    (Apr 9, 2004) Congressional sources say the odds are very low for resurrecting the Sept 30, 2004, deadline for Country-of-Origin Labeling, or COOL, for meat and meat products.
  • CBOT Raises Margin Requirements
    (Apr 9, 2004) The Chicago Board of Trade has raised it minimum margins for corn, mini-corn, oats, soybeans, mini-soybeans, and soybean meal, exchange officials said.