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Market to Market April 23, 2004 (#2933)

In the News

  • Livestock Group Seeks to Block Imports
    (Apr 23, 2004) RCALF-USA, a livestock producer association, has filed suit in federal court seeking a restraining order on the importation of bone-in beef from Canada.
  • WTO to Rule on Cotton Subsidies
    (Apr 23, 2004) The World Trade Organization is expected on April 26 to issue an interim ruling on U.S cotton subsidies.
  • Port Security Deal Reached
    (Apr 23, 2004) The United States and the European Union signed an agreement this week aimed at strengthening the security of cargo containers moving through seaports so that they can't be used to smuggle terrorists or their weapons.
  • Low-Carb Diets Have Spud Stocks on Rise
    (Apr 23, 2004) Potato farmers are hoping a nationwide campaign to counter the low-carb diet fad will help shrink their growing stockpiles of spuds.
  • Judge Throws Out Tyson Verdict
    (Apr 23, 2004) A federal judge on Friday threw out a jury's $1.28 billion verdict against the nation's largest beef packer, Tyson Fresh Meats Inc., ruling that it did not illegally manipulate cattle prices.
  • EU Set to Block GM Sweet Corn
    (Apr 23, 2004) European Union farm ministers on Monday are expected to reject the approval for the use of a new genetically modified sweet corn variety, extending a six-year ban on the production of new biotech foods.