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Market to Market May 14, 2004 (#2936)

In the News

  • EU Ready To Approve GM Sweet Corn
    (May 14, 2004) The European Union said Friday it would approve for human consumption a variety of genetically modified corn, ending a six-year moratorium on new biotech crops.
  • CAFTA Signing Date Set
    (May 14, 2004) U.S Trade Representative Robert Zoellick announced this wee the Central America Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA, will be signed on May 28 at the Organization of American States office in Washington.
  • U.S. Chicken Production Drops
    (May 14, 2004) Chicken production in the U.S dropped in 2003, the first production decline in nearly 30 years.
  • U.S., Japan Begin BSE Tech Talks
    (May 14, 2004) The United States and Japan will begin a series of technical working group meetings next week in an effort to break the beef trade deadlock between the two countries.
  • Canadian MPs Seek Info From Reticent Packers
    (May 14, 2004) At least two meatpacking firms with operations in Canada may face legal charges for failing to provide financial details to Members of Parliament looking into what happened to millions of dollars in government aid during the country's Mad Cow crisis.