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Market to Market June 4, 2004 (#2939)

In the News

  • Sparks Cuts U.S. Wheat Estimates
    (Jun 4, 2004) Sparks Companies on Friday released its June 1 U.S and world crop estimates.
  • Argentina Moves To Cut Huge Debt
    (Jun 4, 2004) Argentina's government this week announced a new offer to restructure $100 billion of the country's debt, hoping to regain access to international credit markets and restore investor confidence.
  • EPA, Processors Near Agreement on Emissions
    (Jun 4, 2004) The government and the nation's largest animal processors are close to establishing the first emissions standards for companies that slaughter millions of livestock every day.
  • House Bill Extends Ethanol Subsidy
    (Jun 4, 2004) A broad-based tax bill working its way through the House would extend the subsidy on ethanol, a corn-based fuel additive, through 2010.