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Market to Market July 2, 2004 (#2943)

In the News

  • Governor Blasts Release of Early BSE Tests
    (Jul 2, 2004) A new U.S Department of Agriculture policy of announcing inconclusive Mad Cow disease tests is potentially harmful to the nation's cattle industry, Nebraska Gov Mike Johanns says.
  • NCBA: Mexico Won't Halt Beef Imports
    (Jul 2, 2004) The chief economist for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association says it's unlikely Mexico will ban imports of U.S.-grown beef even if new cases of Mad Cow disease are uncovered in the States.
  • Science Says Bird Flu Strain Will Worsen
    (Jul 2, 2004) A strain of bird flu that scientists fear could lead to a worldwide pandemic in humans is becoming more infectious to mammals.