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Market to Market July 16, 2004 (#2945)

In the News

  • Audit: Meat Recalls Not As Effective As Thought
    (Jul 16, 2004) Recalls of tainted meat may not get as much product off the market as the Agriculture Department has reported, an audit of the agency has found.
  • Senate Approves Tobacco Buyout
    (Jul 16, 2004) The Senate has approved a plan to give the U.S government broad new powers to regulate the cigarette industry, including the ability to eliminate harmful ingredients in tobacco products and forbid advertising that appeals to children.
  • WTO Talks at Last-Ditch Stage
    (Jul 16, 2004) Almost a year after the collapse of global talks, World Trade Organization officials are making a last-ditch effort in Geneva, Switzerland, to complete unfinished work.