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Market to Market August 13, 2004 (#2949)

In the News

  • Cargill Reports Higher Earnings
    (Aug 13, 2004) Earnings for Cargill Inc rose 38 percent in the fourth quarter and its meat business strengthened after trade was disrupted following outbreaks last year of mad cow disease and avian flu.
  • WTO: China, India to Dominate Textile Market
    (Aug 13, 2004) China and India are expected to dominate world trade in textiles and clothing starting next year when the United States and other industrial countries have to remove restrictions on imports, according to the World Trade Organization.
  • Denmark Bans Kellogg Products
    (Aug 13, 2004) Danish health officials have banned several vitamin-enriched products of American breakfast cereal maker Kellogg, saying they could be harmful if eaten regularly.
  • Researchers Study Heat Stress on Farm Workers
    (Aug 13, 2004) Researchers expect a four-year study of the effects of intense heat on farm workers will make scorching days in the field safer.