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Market to Market September 24, 2004 (#3003)

In the News

  • FDA Goal: Safer Eggs, Reduced Salmonella
    (Sep 24, 2004) The Food and Drug Administration this week recommended changes aimed at reducing by one-third the salmonella infections caused each year by tainted eggs.
  • Government Buys Bird Flu Vaccine
    (Sep 24, 2004) The U.S government plans to buy two million doses of an experimental vaccine against the bird flu to stockpile in case the virus one day sparks a large outbreak in people.
  • UN: Investment Needed for Third World Ag Development
    (Sep 24, 2004) The developing world needs $24 billion a year in investment and other spending to help it overcome vicious cycles of hunger that remain both the cause and effect of its poverty, a top United Nations official says.
  • Minnesota Co-Ops Form Off-Shore Insurer
    (Sep 24, 2004) Twenty-three agriculture co-ops have formed their own offshore-based captive insurance company  a form of self-insurance  to better control their liability, auto and property insurance cases.