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Market to Market October 8, 2004 (#3005)

In the News

  • Report: Corps Hasn't Justified New Locks
    (Oct 8, 2004) The Army Corps of Engineers still hasn't justified its desire for building new, longer locks on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, the National Research Council said in a report released this week.
  • New EU Ag Chief: Don't Nationalize Subsidies
    (Oct 8, 2004) The European Union's incoming agriculture commissioner insisted this week that the bloc's multibillion euro farm subsidy program should remain under the control of the EU's head office and not be handed back to national authorities.
  • Lawsuit Presses For Local Pollution Control
    (Oct 8, 2004) Environmental groups said this week they have filed a lawsuit to try and force the Environmental Protection Agency to control water pollution in Florida instead of leaving the job to state regulators.
  • Cotton Losses Top $200 Million From Hurricanes
    (Oct 8, 2004) Southeastern farmers lost at least 750,000 bales of cotton worth $205 million to Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan, and losses still are being tallied from the latest storm, Jeanne.