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Market to Market October 29, 2004 (#3008)

In the News

  • ADM Earnings Soar
    (Oct 29, 2004) Archer Daniels Midland Company this week reported a 77 percent increase in its first quarter earnings, citing significant gains in oilseed and bioproducts processing.
  • Mexicans Protest Biotech Conference
    (Oct 29, 2004) Some 300 Mexican environmentalists and farm activists opposed to biotech crops demonstrated this week outside a Mexico City hotel to protest a meeting of agricultural researchers from around the world.
  • USDA Accepts New CRP Land
    (Oct 29, 2004) The USDA has announced that it will accept 1.188 million acres of the nation's most environmentally sensitive farmland into the Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP.
  • EU Advances First Constitution
    (Oct 29, 2004) European leaders this week signed the European Union's first constitution, a document designed to give the bloc a sharper international profile and speed up decision-making in a club now numbering 25 nations.
  • Severe Drought Tests Mettle of Western Ranchers
    (Oct 29, 2004) Like much of the West, Flitner Ranch is trying to survive its sixth year of severe drought.
  • Predators Pose Sensitive Problem for Western Ranchers
    (Oct 29, 2004) Another growing concern for the Flitner family is the 1998 planting of wolves in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Wild Horses Threaten Fragile Western Lands
    (Oct 29, 2004) Along with the weather, the Flitner family is concerned about other elements out of their control.
  • Flitner Ranch Has Long, Colorful Legacy
    (Oct 29, 2004) The Flitner family has been ranching in northwestern Wyoming for more than 100 years.