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Market to Market November 12, 2004 (#3010)

In the News

  • Food Irradiation Plant Settles With Petitioners
    (Nov 12, 2004) The operator of a Pennsylvania plant that uses radiation to kill bacteria in foods and other products has agreed to make safety improvements in a settlement with three people who challenged its operating license.
  • Study Finds Deer, Raccoons are Biggest Crop Raiders
    (Nov 12, 2004) Purdue University researchers who set up cameras in farm fields to catch animals in the act of gobbling up crops found that deer and raccoons  not wild turkeys, as many farmers believe  are the greediest crop-raiders.
  • Study: GMO Corn Not a Threat to Mexico
    (Nov 12, 2004) Genetically modified corn is not likely to contaminate the Mexican countryside where corn was born, but Mexico still should limit and better regulate its importation of biotech corn from the United States, a NAFTA watchdog groups said this week.
  • Chinese Co-ops Boost Lending
    (Nov 12, 2004) Agricultural credit cooperatives, China's main source of rural financing, issued 193.3 billion yuan (U.S.-$23.4 billion) in new farm loans in the first nine months of the year, up 27.8 percent from the same period a year ago, the government says.