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Market to Market November 26, 2004 (#3012)

In the News

  • U.S. Seeks Another Delay in Methyl Bromide Phaseout
    (Nov 26, 2004) U.S farmers who grow tomatoes and strawberries might have to cut back more than they planned on the use of an ozone-depleting pesticide.
  • Canadian PM: Bush to Seek End to Beef Ban
    (Nov 26, 2004) President Bush will start a process to lift a U.S ban on Canadian beef imports, according to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.
  • Ship Logjam Cleared at West Coast Ports
    (Nov 26, 2004) A ship logjam that caused protracted freight backups at the nation's largest port complex has been cleared, officials say, but the timely flow of cargo remains hampered by ongoing delays at jammed port terminals.