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Market to Market December 10, 2004 (#3014)

In the News

  • Global Trade Talks Gain Momentum
    (Dec 10, 2004) The head of the World Trade Organization this week claimed "great momentum" in negotiations on a global trade deal, and said by March he hopes to hammer out a concrete agenda for the ministerial conference in Hong Kong next December.
  • Tyson Closes Subsidiary in Maine
    (Dec 10, 2004) Tyson Foods is closing Jordan's Meats, a major employer in Portland, Maine, for more than 40 years.
  • New Rules To Help Track Tainted Food
    (Dec 10, 2004) New rules announced this week will make it easier to investigate a bioterror attack on the U.S food supply, though they won't change the underlying problem: the vulnerability of the nation's food.
  • U.S. To Argue Cotton at WTO
    (Dec 10, 2004) American trade representatives will be in Geneva on Monday, Dec 13, to appeal a ruling by the World Trade Organization that U.S cotton subsidies are illegal.
  • Study Connects Asthma in Children, Hog Farms
    (Dec 10, 2004) A University of Iowa study released this week found that children who live on hog farms are more likely to have asthma.