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Market to Market December 24, 2004 (#3016)

In the News

  • Rice Demand Exceeds Global Production
    (Dec 24, 2004) Global rice production in 2004 is estimated to soar to a near-record of 661 million tons, but still won't be enough to meet the demand of consumers, the United Nations said this week.
  • Feds Settle With California Water Districts
    (Dec 24, 2004) In a precedent-setting decision, the federal government has agreed to pay four California water districts $16.7 million for water the government diverted a decade ago to help protect two rare fish.
  • New Forest Management Rules Unveiled
    (Dec 24, 2004) Managers of the nation's 155 national forests will have more leeway to approve logging and other commercial projects with less formal environmental review under a new Bush administration plan.