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Market to Market January 14, 2005 (#3019)

In the News

  • Expert Says Ethanol Blends Avoid Freeze-Ups
    (Jan 14, 2005) The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says motorists don't need to put additives into their gas tanks during cold weather if their fuel has 10 percent ethanol in the mix.
  • U.S. Plans Action in EU Trade Dispute
    (Jan 14, 2005) The Bush administration gave notice this week that it will pursue an unfair trade case accusing the European Union of operating a confusing tariff system that harms the ability of U.S exporters to make sales.
  • ND Farm Group Seeks Tsunami Donations
    (Jan 14, 2005) A North Dakota farm group is challenging farmers to donate the gross revenue from one acre of wheat or barley to relief efforts for the South Asia tsunami.
  • Cargill Reports 2Q Earnings Nearly Double
    (Jan 14, 2005) Cargill Inc., one of the world's largest privately owned companies, said this week its second quarter earnings nearly doubled due to a one-time gain on the sale of fertilizer assets to create The Mosaic Co The Mosaic Co is a public firm in which...