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Market to Market February 4, 2005 (#3022)

In the News

  • Group Challenges Success of Biotech Crops
    (Feb 4, 2005) The biotechnology industry has failed to deliver on promises to revolutionize agriculture with plants genetically engineered to be healthier, drought-resistant, and tastier, a consumer group said this week.
  • Court Sides With Big Tobacco in Civil Case
    (Feb 4, 2005) A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the Justice Department cannot seek $280 billion it alleges the tobacco industry earned through fraud.
  • North Dakota Mulls "Secret Feedlot" Law
    (Feb 4, 2005) A group of rural North Dakota lawmakers wants to keep details about cattle and hog feedlots off-limits to the public, saying the current system could allow terrorists to gain access to the U.S food supply.
  • Ohio River Re-Opened at Site of Barge Accident
    (Feb 4, 2005) Traffic resumed this week along a 42-mile stretch of the Ohio River that was closed for nearly two weeks while salvage crews removed three runaway barges that had twisted themselves around a dam.