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Market to Market February 18, 2005 (#3024)

In the News

  • U.S. Food Sales to Cuba Increase
    (Feb 18, 2005) U.S food producers significantly increased their sales to Cuba last year despite a long-standing trade embargo against the communist island, according to a Cuba-U.S business group.
  • 75 Percent Drop in Monarchs Reported
    (Feb 18, 2005) The Mexican government said this week that 75 percent fewer Monarch butterflies have appeared at wintering grounds, largely blaming conditions in the United States and Canada for the decline.
  • Emmpak Foods Recalls 123,000 Lbs. of Ground Beef
    (Feb 18, 2005) Emmpak Foods, Inc of Milwaukee, is voluntarily recalling approximately 123,000 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated with hydraulic fluid.
  • Wins & Losses for Upper Miss. Projects
    (Feb 18, 2005) Some Upper Mississippi River projects were treated kindly in President Bush's budget handed over to Congress last week, while other projects got no money.