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Market to Market February 25, 2005 (#3025)

In the News

  • UN: Funding Insufficient to Fight Bird Flu
    (Feb 25, 2005) The international community needs to spend at least $100 million to combat bird flu -- five times more than the "glaringly insufficient" amount provided last year, a U.N official said this week.
  • Japan May Have 15th BSE Case
    (Feb 25, 2005) A cow in northern Japan tested positive for mad cow disease this week, an official said.
  • Senators Ask Japan to Lift Beef Import Ban
    (Feb 25, 2005) Twenty farm-state senators wrote to Japans ambassador this week to urge Tokyo to keep its promise to allow U.S beef back into Japanese stores.
  • Mexico to Allow Gene-Altered Crops
    (Feb 25, 2005) Mexico is opening the door to genetically modified food with President Vicente Fox to sign a bill that would provide a regulatory framework for gene-altered crops and require manufacturers to label food containing them, according to the Associated...