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Market to Market March 11, 2005 (#3027)

In the News

  • Fishermen Wary of Modified Salmon
    (Mar 11, 2005) A Massachusetts company expects to get the federal government's OK to sell genetically enhanced salmon within a year, a prospect that scares some Alaskan fishermen.
  • Judges Rule in Favor of Beekeepers
    (Mar 11, 2005) The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that landowners who spray pesticides on hybrid poplar groves can be held liable for damaging neighboring beekeeping operations.
  • McDonald's to Test Remote Call Centers
    (Mar 11, 2005) Customers pulling into the McDonald's drive-through lane soon may be calling long distance -- really long distance.
  • Washington Governor Declares Drought Emergency
    (Mar 11, 2005) Washington Gov Christine Gregoire this week declared a statewide drought emergency anticipating what weather forecasters predict will be the Pacific Northwest's worst dry spell in nearly 30 years.