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Market to Market March 25, 2005 (#3029)

In the News

  • Syngenta: GM Seeds We Sold Were Not Approved
    (Mar 25, 2005) Swiss biotechnology company Syngenta AG said this week it mistakenly sold to farmers an experimental genetically engineered corn seed that was never approved by U.S regulators.
  • Ethanol Futures Added to CBOT
    (Mar 25, 2005) Ethanol futures debuted this week on the Chicago Board of Trade, joining corn, soybeans and wheat among the agricultural contracts bought and sold on the exchange.
  • Meat Processing Group Joins Lawsuit Against USDA
    (Mar 25, 2005) The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) is expected next week to join a lawsuit against USDA brought by a Montana packer.
  • Feds To Track Voluntary Reductions in Greenhouse Gases
    (Mar 25, 2005) The government said this week it will start keeping track of all the greenhouse gases that farmers and foresters voluntarily reduce to help combat global warming.