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Market to Market April 1, 2005 (#3030)

In the News

  • EU "Deplores" Biotech Corn Imports
    (Apr 1, 2005) The European Union said this week that it "deplored" unauthorized imports of Bt10, a form of genetically modified maize made by Switzerland's Syngenta AG.
  • Foundation Challenges Species Protection
    (Apr 1, 2005) A conservative legal foundation has filed twin federal lawsuits challenging protection for 42 plant and animals species, 15 of which live only in shallow seasonal pools in California and southern Oregon.
  • Chicken King Frank Perdue Dies
    (Apr 1, 2005) Frank Perdue, who transformed a backyard egg business into one of the nation's largest food companies, died this week at 84.
  • Judge Orders Permits to Curb Invasive Species
    (Apr 1, 2005) A San Francisco federal court judge has ruled the Environmental Protection Agency no longer can allow ocean-going ships to dump ballast water without a permit.