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Market to Market April 8, 2005 (#3031)

In the News

  • Senate Votes Reduction in UN Peacekeeping Dues
    (Apr 8, 2005) The Senate voted this week to reduce the United States' share of the cost of United Nations peacekeeping missions by tens of millions of dollars.
  • Groups Target Antibiotics in Animal Feed
    (Apr 8, 2005) Medical and environmental groups this week urged the Food and Drug Administration to sharply curb the use of antibiotics in animal feed, saying such additives can pose dangers to human health.
  • Monsanto 2Q Profits More Than Double
    (Apr 8, 2005) Monsanto Co., the maker of Roundup herbicide and genetically modified seeds, said this week that second-quarter profit more than doubled from the same period a year ago, surpassing Wall Street estimates.
  • EU Mulls Redirecting Farm Budget Cash
    (Apr 8, 2005) The European Commission this week proposed a major boost in European Union spending in the 2007-2013 period to create jobs and growth, and pay for programs to make the 25-nation EU a safer, healthier place for its 455 million inhabitants.