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Market to Market May 13, 2005 (#3036)

In the News

  • Fruit, Veggie Farmers Feel Fuel Price Pinch
    (May 13, 2005) The farmers who grow many of the fresh fruit and vegetables for the nation's dinner tables say the rising cost of oil is making this one of their toughest planting seasons yet -- and might shove some of them out of business.
  • Hoax or Terrorism? NZ Reacts to Livestock Threat
    (May 13, 2005) The prime minister of New Zealand this week branded an extortionist's claim to have infected one of the nation's islands with a livestock disease as bioterrorism.
  • UN: Trade Controls Must Permit Food Aid
    (May 13, 2005) Possible World Trade Organization controls on donations of food must permit enough to get through to hungry people around the world, the head of the U.N World Food Program said this week.