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Market to Market May 27, 2005 (#3038)

In the News

  • Government Running Out Of Surplus Milk Powder
    (May 27, 2005) The government is projected to run out of surplus nonfat milk powder later this year, which is a good sign for dairy farmers but will cut into food aid programs for the poor.
  • EU, China Consult on Textiles
    (May 27, 2005) European Union trade chief Peter Mandelson held talks this week with China's top textile negotiator on the eve of a decision whether to take further action to contain the surge in Chinese textile exports.
  • Water Monitors Cause Chicken-Fried Friction in South
    (May 27, 2005) Arkansas and Oklahoma, which have been at odds for years over poultry-farm pollution flowing into the rivers they share, are squabbling again after Oklahoma-based water quality monitors were found in Arkansas.