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Market to Market June 3, 2005 (#3039)

In the News

  • EPA Rejects State-Sought Ethanol Waivers
    (Jun 3, 2005) Motorists in California, New York, and Connecticut will have to continue using corn-based ethanol in their gasoline to cut air pollution at an extra cost of up to eight cents a gallon.
  • Research Finds Clue to How Prions Kill
    (Jun 3, 2005) Government scientists have found an important clue to how rogue proteins -- like those that cause Mad Cow disease -- destroy the brain.
  • Deere Acquires Wholesale Landscape Dealerships
    (Jun 3, 2005) Equipment maker Deere and Company has acquired United Green Mark Incorporated -- expanding its nationwide network of wholesale dealerships for irrigation, nursery, and landscape materials.
  • Mysterious Disease Leads to Slaughter of Brazilian Fowl
    (Jun 3, 2005) Brazilian authorities ordered the slaughter of 17,000 poultry after 6,000 chickens died from a mysterious respiratory illness in a central western state, officials said this week.