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Market to Market June 10, 2005 (#3040)

In the News

  • Asian Soybean Rust Spreading Slowly
    (Jun 10, 2005) To the surprise of officials in some states, Asian soybean rust is spreading quite slowly across the U.S Hundreds of soybean fields as far north as Kansas, Delaware and Ohio have been scouted for the devastating airborne plant disease and found...
  • Future of Ocean Farming
    (Jun 10, 2005) With demand for seafood expected to increase rapidly, the Bush Administration is seeking to allow aquaculture operations in federal marine waters.
  • A Horse Diet to Protect the Environment
    (Jun 10, 2005) Horses used in Arizona to help patrol the U.S.-Mexico border, are on a special diet so they don't wreak havoc with the environmentally sensitive dessert.