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Market to Market July 1, 2005 (#3043)

In the News

  • Bird Flu Vaccine Shortage Eyed
    (Jul 1, 2005) The government has not stockpiled enough of the only drug known to be effective against bird flu but is in "aggressive discussions" with its maker to buy more, federal health officials said this week.
  • Docs Seek Injunction Against Dairy Ads
    (Jul 1, 2005) A group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine plans to file a lawsuit accusing the U.S dairy industry and several food companies of falsely claiming that dairy consumption can help people lose weight.
  • Court Keeps Beef Checkoff Challenge Alive...Barely
    (Jul 1, 2005) A federal appeals court in Montana has kept alive a challenge to the beef checkoff, despite a U.S Supreme Court ruling in May that the government has the right to force beef producers to pay the fee.