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Market to Market August 12, 2005 (#3049)

In the News

  • Scientists Finish Work on Rice Genome
    (Aug 12, 2005) A team of scientists from 10 countries has deciphered the genetic code of rice, an advance that should speed improvements in a crop that feeds more than half the world's population.
  • Peanut Growers Worry Over Excess Supply
    (Aug 12, 2005) Officials say the United States has too many peanuts and, unless something is done to reduce the surplus, that could be bad news for taxpayers who fund the peanut commodity program.
  • Midwest Drought Takes Toll on Barge Operators
    (Aug 12, 2005) As the Midwest's worst drought in 17 years continues to lower inland rivers, barge operators continue to hope for rain to help buoy their cargoes, as well as their bottom lines.
  • Illinois Gets Tough on Farm Vandalism
    (Aug 12, 2005) Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich is sending a message to anyone who might think it's fun to mess with a farmer's combine or ramrod through cornfields on an all-terrain vehicle: Don't even think about it.