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Market to Market September 9, 2005 (#3101)

In the News

  • Study Finds No Snack Left Behind
    (Sep 9, 2005) Candy, soda, pizza and other snacks compete with nutritious meals in nine out of 10 schools, a government survey has found.
  • Study Shows Benefits of Breakfast to Girls
    (Sep 9, 2005) A study that tracked nearly 2,400 girls for 10 years found those who regularly ate breakfast, particularly one that includes cereal, were slimmer than those who skipped the morning meal.
  • Tobacco Settlement Draws Fire From Witness
    (Sep 9, 2005) A top government witness in a Justice Department lawsuit against the tobacco industry has condemned the government's handling of the case.
  • Hurricane Puts Softwood Lumber Talks On Hold
    (Sep 9, 2005) Hurricane Katrina dealt a blow to softwood lumber negotiations this week as talks between the United States and Canada were put on hold.