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Market to Market October 14, 2005 (#3106)

In the News

  • MILC Program "Hanging in the Balance"
    (Oct 14, 2005) A rift among lawmakers and dairy farmers has led to the end of a federal program which may be crucial to farmers if fluid milk prices continue to drop.
  • U.S. Labor Demands Challenge of China
    (Oct 14, 2005) The AFL-CIO, America's largest labor federation, wants the U.S government to challenge what it calls China's unfair manipulation of its exchange rate in order to gain trade advantages over U.S business.
  • UN Urges Calm Over Spread of Bird Flu
    (Oct 14, 2005) The United Nations health agency expressed concern this week about the spread of bird flu to Turkey and Romania, but said the risk of human infection was "very low." The World Health Organization said there was "appropriate alarm" each time the...
  • ND Biodiesel Plant Loses European Backer
    (Oct 14, 2005) The European backer of a $50 million biodiesel plant in Minot, North Dakota, has backed out.