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Market to Market October 21, 2005 (#3107)

In the News

  • Supreme Court Refuses Tobacco Lawsuit
    (Oct 21, 2005) The U.S Supreme Court this week refused the Bush administration's attempt to pursue a $280 billion lawsuit against tobacco companies on claims the firms misled the public about the dangers of smoking.
  • USDA Scraps Plans To Close Field Offices
    (Oct 21, 2005) A hearing in Washington scheduled for this week was scrapped due to opposition to the Agriculture Department's plans to close more than 700 local Farm Service Agency offices across the country.
  • Florida Begins Evacuation Ahead of Wilma
    (Oct 21, 2005) Emergency officials issued the first evacuation orders for the Florida mainland on Friday in advance of slow-moving but powerful Hurricane Wilma, and residents of the Florida Keys also were asked to start leaving.
  • Bird Flu Likely To Spread Along Migratory Routes
    (Oct 21, 2005) Wild birds are serving as carriers for bird flu and the disease can be expected to spread along their migration routes, Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said this week.