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Market to Market November 11, 2005 (#3110)

In the News

  • Migrant Farmworkers Idled By Hurricane Wilma
    (Nov 11, 2005) Migrant farmworkers in Florida who can't afford to miss even a week's pay may face unemployment for up to four months because of Hurricane Wilma, advocates say.
  • Washington State Mulls New Rule on Farm Pesticides
    (Nov 11, 2005) Washington State officials are considering a new rule that would require farmers to notify schools, nursing homes, hospitals and day-care centers next to their orchards and farms when they plan to apply pesticides.
  • FDA Rejects Proposal to Advertise Lycopene Benefits
    (Nov 11, 2005) The Food and Drug Administration this week denied petitions by American Longevity and the Lycopene Health Claim Coalition to advertise cancer-reduction claims on tomato products.