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Market to Market November 18, 2005 (#3111)

In the News

  • Oxfam Warns Against Trade Intransigence
    (Nov 18, 2005) If the United States and Europe don't make more credible offers in talks on a new global trade accord, poor nations may shun the World Trade Organization and arrange their own deals, Oxfam International said this week.
  • FDA: Re-Labeling of Tamiflu Unnecessary
    (Nov 18, 2005) Federal drug regulators said this week there was insufficient evidence to tie the flu drug Tamiflu to the deaths of 12 Japanese children or to hallucinations, encephalitis, and other symptoms suffered by some Japanese patients.
  • Senators Try New Tact on Labeling
    (Nov 18, 2005) Several senators are proposing that the U.S Department of Agriculture take its logo off certain cuts of imported meat, a move that could make the market more favorable for some U.S ranchers.