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Market to Market March 3, 2006 (#3126)

In the News

  • Can There Be a Medical Prescription for Chocolate?
    (Mar 3, 2006) A study of older men in the Netherlands indicates those who ate the equivalent of one-third of a chocolate bar every day had lower blood pressure and a 50% reduced risk of death.
  • Biotech Battle Intensifies
    (Mar 3, 2006) The battle of the biotech giants heated up this week, with Monsanto and Pioneer Hi-Bred moving to strengthen their hold in the multibillion-dollar market for genetically engineered seeds.
  • International Trade vs. U.S. Farm Policy
    (Mar 3, 2006) Midwestern lawmakers say the Bush administration's move to oppose extension of the current farm bill is driven more by what's good for international trade than what's good for farmers.
  • Federal Jury Convicts Animal Welfare Activists
    (Mar 3, 2006) Freedom of speech did not protect an animal rights group in a New Jersey court this week.