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Market to Market March 24, 2006 (#3129)

In the News

  • Court Declines To Hear Missouri River Appeal;
    (Mar 24, 2006) The U.S Supreme Court this week refused to hear North Dakota's arguments that the Army Corps of Engineers has violated state water pollution laws in managing the Missouri River water flow.
  • Campaigns Aim To Promote EU Specialty Foods
    (Mar 24, 2006) The European Union said this week it would pay for half of a $19 million international promotion campaign to sell European-produced foods -- such as fruits, cheese, and wine -- in 11 countries, including the United States, China, Japan and Canada.
  • Monsanto To Produce More Growth Hormone
    (Mar 24, 2006) Monsanto Co will boost production of a growth hormone that makes dairy cows produce more milk after receiving federal approval to make the drug entirely in the United States, the company said this week.