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Market to Market May 12, 2006 (#3136)

In the News

  • Tokyo Considering Lifting its Ban on U.S. Beef
    (May 12, 2006) U.S and Japanese agricultural officials could meet as soon as next week to discuss the lifting of Tokyo's ban on American beef, according to officials from both countries.
  • More Farmers Growing GM Cotton
    (May 12, 2006) Farmers in Arizona increasingly are growing cotton that has been genetically modified to combat the pink bollworm, a pest that's the most lethal enemy of the state's cotton.
  • Flurry of Proposals Dealing with Immigration
    (May 12, 2006) Preceding next week's immigration debate, impatient senators this week discussed a number of proposals regarding non-citizens entering into the U.S For example, a bill was introduced that would impose prison sentences of up to 20 years for...
  • U.S. Manufacturers Disappointed with Policy on China Currency
    (May 12, 2006) The Bush Administration this week refused to brand China as a country manipulating its currency to gain unfair trade advantages.