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Market to Market June 9, 2006 (#3140)

In the News

  • Just Say No to Antibiotics
    (Jun 9, 2006) Concerns about the human health implications of treating cattle, pigs and poultry with antibiotics to promote growth are prompting Maine to adopt what supporters call the first state meat purchasing preference policy of its kind in the nation.
  • You Think Eminent Domain is Harsh?
    (Jun 9, 2006) Due to rising interest rates and disappointing prices, landless farmers in Brazil have taken to the streets.
  • Want a Sugar Rush? Eat Some Fruit...
    (Jun 9, 2006) A professor of horticulture at the University of Arkansas has a fruitful idea in mind.
  • No More Hormones in Montana
    (Jun 9, 2006) Dairy farmers in Montana have responded to consumers demands for hormone-free milk.