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Market to Market June 23, 2006 (#3142)

In the News

  • Connecticut Processor Recalls Livestock Feed Ingredients
    (Jun 23, 2006) Livestock feed ingredients shipped to nine states may have been contaminated with cattle remains in violation of a 1997 ban to protect against mad cow disease.
  • Would You Like Fries With That?
    (Jun 23, 2006) McDonald's is trying to give drive-through eating the green light in China.
  • Organic Farm Plows Oil Pipeline Project
    (Jun 23, 2006) Plans for a 300-mile oil pipeline project have the owners of one of the nation's oldest certified organic farms saying they'll have to shut down their operation for good.
  • Seedy Venture
    (Jun 23, 2006) Norway's latest project, a doomsday vault, resembles a science fiction movie and will serve as a Noah's Ark for the world's seeds in case of a global catastrophe.
  • Iowa on Path to Improve Water Quality
    (Jun 23, 2006) A controversial request by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources was approved by a state commission on Monday.