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Market to Market August 11, 2006 (#3149)

In the News

  • U.S. Beef Enters Japan for First Time Since Ban Lifted
    (Aug 11, 2006) By mid-week, the first sales of U.S beef to Japan since the Asian country ended the ban imposed in January were in the marketplace.
  • Chili Pepper Crop Heats Up
    (Aug 11, 2006) After years of disease and viruses affecting the U.S chili pepper crop, the crop this year is in better shape.
  • AFL-CIO Interested in Immigrant Labor Issues
    (Aug 11, 2006) The AFL-CIO has joined forces with a network of immigrant day laborers to improve wages and working conditions for those who are hired off the street.
  • Who Cares Who Moves to Rural Nebraska?
    (Aug 11, 2006) In the 11th annual Nebraska Rural Poll conducted by the University of Nebraska's Center for Applied Rural Innovation, a quarter of those who replied didn't think newcomers to rural communities improved the quality of life there.