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Market to Market September 22, 2006 (#3203)

In the News

  • Florida's Citrus Crop Tops $1 Billion
    (Sep 22, 2006) According to a USDA report, Florida's citrus farmers enjoyed more than $1 billion in sales this harvest for the first time in six years, despite Hurricane Wilma destroying a large chunk of the crop last fall.
  • Lawsuits Filed Over Genetically Modified Rice
    (Sep 22, 2006) A strain of biotech rice found in a mill processing non-gmo rice has lead to the filing of four federal lawsuits by Louisiana farmers.
  • Industry Gets Egg On Its Face
    (Sep 22, 2006) The egg industry has dropped its "Animal Care Certified" logos on egg cartons in response to complaints by animal rights groups and officials from Alaska and 15 other states.