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Market to Market October 27, 2006 (#3208)

In the News

  • Beef Plant Too Big?
    (Oct 27, 2006) Smithfield Beef Group and ContiGroup Companies Inc announced Wednesday that they had formed a partnership to build a 650,000 square foot beef processing plant in Oklahoma.
  • Hope for Hops
    (Oct 27, 2006) After more than a decade of slumping prices due to a worldwide surplus of hops, growers are seeing a chance to turn a profit.
  • That Don't Mean Jack-O-Lantern
    (Oct 27, 2006) Bill Foss has been growing large for 20 years but the 1,213 pound Cucurbita maxima that he grew this year has set a new record in Minnesota.
  • A Tomato Sauce Of A Different Color
    (Oct 27, 2006) Researchers at Oregon State University are fine-tuning a purple tomato that doesn't just look cool, but could also be better for you.