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Market to Market November 17, 2006 (#3211)

In the News

  • Waging Water Needs of Farmers and Fish
    (Nov 17, 2006) Oregon Farmers who rely on water from the Klamath Basin are going ahead with their appeal of a federal court ruling that speeds up a timetable to increase river flows for the threatened coho salmon.
  • Corn Prices May Affect Retail Price of Meat
    (Nov 17, 2006) While the price of corn reaching ten year highs due to demand from ethanol plants is good for grain farmers, those in the livestock industry aren't quite as pleased.
  • Snack Food and Beverage Companies to Promote Health Foods
    (Nov 17, 2006) Ten major food and beverage makers of products with not the highest of nutritional content, announced their advertising aimed at children will do more to promote health foods and exercise.