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Market to Market December 22, 2006 (#3216)

In the News

  • Japanese Restaurants Want More U.S. Beef
    (Dec 22, 2006) Japanese restaurants are set to urge the Tokyo government to ease restrictions on U.S beef imports, saying the stringent rules are causing a serious supply problem, officials said this week.
  • Producers, Consumers Face Clone Quandary
    (Dec 22, 2006) For nearly four years, Maryland dairy farmer Greg Wiles has poured milk from his cloned cows down the drain in compliance with a voluntary ban on food from cloned livestock.
  • Nebraska Wants U.S. Supreme to Decide Corpoprate Farm Issue
    (Dec 22, 2006) The state of Nebraska plans to take to the U.S Supreme Court its case over the ban on corporate farms.
  • Consolidating Rice Lawsuits
    (Dec 22, 2006) Hundreds of rice farmers in three states have combined their individual lawsuits into one legal action over genetically contaminated rice.