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Market to Market December 29, 2006 (#3217)

In the News

  • USDA Pegs a Jump in Hog Production
    (Dec 29, 2006) Following nearly three years of profitable prices, pork producers appear to be expanding aggressively.
  • Dolly the T-Bone Steak?
    (Dec 29, 2006) The FDA announced this week that food from cloned animals is safe for human consumption.
  • Giant Ragweed Growing Herbicide-Resistant
    (Dec 29, 2006) Until the adoption of Roundup Ready crops, common weeds were a constant nuisance to farmers throughout the Corn Belt.
  • Super Peanuts
    (Dec 29, 2006) The peanut industry has come a long way since the days of George Washington Carver.