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Market to Market February 9, 2007 (#3223)

In the News

  • Venezuela President Touts Environmental Causes
    (Feb 9, 2007) In an effort to cut back on oil use by his country, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez is promoting his environmental causes.
  • Reopening a Lawsuit Over Pesticide Use
    (Feb 9, 2007) Farmworkers and environmental groups reopened a lawsuit in an attempt to force the Environmental Protection Agency to more quickly phase out the use of a pesticide the groups say has been poisoning fieldworkers for decades.
  • South Korean Farmers Protest U.S. Beef
    (Feb 9, 2007) About 30 South Korean farmers stood outside and chanted "No U.S Beef, no more talks," as U.S and South Korean officials met inside to discuss easing restrictions on imports of American beef.
  • Bird Flu in Britain Resulted in Mass Slaughter of Turkeys
    (Feb 9, 2007) Britain is confronting Europe's largest outbreak of bird flu with the largest poultry producer having to slaughter 159,000 turkeys.