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Market to Market March 23, 2007 (#3229)

In the News

  • Stopping Crime in the Fields
    (Mar 23, 2007) Farmers in south central Minnesota are parking their equipment in the same spot every night with the Sheriff's Department promising to drive by and check on the machinery.
  • Keeping Blackbirds at Bay in Sunflower Fields
    (Mar 23, 2007) Growing more sunflower for healthier oil may have an ill-fated effect on blackbirds.
  • Trade Talks To Be Continued ...
    (Mar 23, 2007) After four days of talks in Seoul, South Korea and the U.S failed to agree on beef trade and other agricultural issues.
  • Turning Dung Into Dollars
    (Mar 23, 2007) The livestock manure hauling business is flourishing as farmers and entrepreneurs are turning animal waste into higher-priced commercial fertilizer.