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Market to Market March 30, 2007 (#3230)

In the News

  • Water Rights on the Missouri River
    (Mar 30, 2007) Two Native American tribes in Montana are seeking a plan to improve what they describe as some of the worst dry land farming around.
  • U.S. Senate Approves Extension of Timber Payments
    (Mar 30, 2007) The U.S Senate approved a plan to authorize about $2.8 billion to extend payments to areas of the country hurt by logging cutbacks imposed in the 1990s to protect the spotted owl and other threatened species.
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds
    (Mar 30, 2007) Montana residents were digging out from a storm this week – not from a snow, but from tumbleweeds.
  • North Carolina's Moratorium on Hog Waste Lagoons Turns 10
    (Mar 30, 2007) North Carolina's decade old moratorium on new hog waste lagoons is set to expire in September and state legislators are considering several proposals on what to do next.