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Market to Market April 13, 2007 (#3232)

In the News

  • VeraSun Opens Third Biorefinery
    (Apr 13, 2007) One of the largest ethanol producers, VeraSun Energy Corp., is opening its third biorefinery which will boost its capacity by about one-third.
  • Mangos for Motorcycles
    (Apr 13, 2007) Indian mangos will hit U.S grocery shelves for the first time in 18 years.
  • Increase in Carbon Dioxide Emissions blamed on Coal
    (Apr 13, 2007) Nearly half of the nation's increase in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel comes from coal-fired power plants, according to a report released by an Illinois environmental group.
  • Trade Influences on Farm Bill
    (Apr 13, 2007) USDA Secretary Mike Johanns says ignoring the World Trade Organization when writing the farm bill amounts to letting the WTO set U.S agriculture policies and could shut the U.S out of foreign markets.