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Market to Market May 11, 2007 (#3236)

In the News

  • Demcrats assail Bush administration over Science
    (May 11, 2007) WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrats said Wednesday an Interior Department official who pressured government scientists to alter their research was just one example of a larger problem.
  • Farm eyeing chicken fat fuel
    (May 11, 2007) ADAMSTOWN, Md (AP) - Instead of spending $20,000 for a storage tanker for their pilot biodiesel refinery farm, Thompson Butz and his three brothers found a used tanker on e-Bay for $1,000 and drove to Massachusetts to retrieve it.
  • Activists: Students Not Protected from Pesticides
    (May 11, 2007) STRATHMORE, Calif (AP)- On Grandparents Day, Domitila Lemus accompanied her 8-year-old granddaughter to school.